Saying Grace by Norman Rockwell

Saying Grace

The little boy with dark, golden, short hair sat on an traditional back rest wooden chair and left his back of the head, praying. He was in white shirt with black pants and maybe at his tens. On his right side, there was his grandmother, who was in neat black dressing with a white scarf, was closing her eyes and …

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The Family Tree

The Family Tree, as it was named, was simply recognized as depicting the genealogy of the young boy at the top of the painting at the first sight. It was created by Norman Rockwell in 1959 for the cover of The Saturday Evening Post on October 24 the same year.

But if you take a closer look, you will …

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Day in the Life of A Little Girl

Norman Rockwell, who never lost his childishness, once said “I really do not know how many children I have painted in my paintings. I guess… maybe several thousand. But I still interested in using children as subjects.” Day in the Life of a Little Girl, 1952 is one of the famous pieces of our most well-known illustrator Norman.

Day in the Life of a Little Girl

There …

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Longing for a Puppy Love

The first moment I saw it, I was totally attracted and even could not breathe at all. What was presented in the painting is exactly most of us pursuing for. I, along with my half, am sitting together and enjoying the sunset. Whatever happened, happy or sad, good or bad, we support each other till death do us part. Those …

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The Sick Child by Edvard Munch

This painting is a painful memory of Munch's family suffered in his childhood, and it depicts the scene of his 15-year-old sister Sophia got sick. Although she hadn't lost her childish temperament, she was thin and pale for tortured by lung disease which would take away her life. This indelible impression deeply buried in Edvard Munch's memory, so he …

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Anecdote: Fighting for a Prostitute, Painter Paul Gauguin Cut Van Gogh's Ear off

Reported by Daily Mail, although according to the description of history, Van Gogh's ear was cut off by himself, actually the person who cut off Van Gogh's ear was Paul Gauguin, the painter who was as famous as Van Gogh. Gauguin was Van Gogh's best friend, but the reason he cut off Van Gogh's ear was about their …

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Friendship Between Matisse and Picasso

During April 1906, at a party at Gertrude Stein's house, Henri Matisse was introduced to Picasso, who was 12 years younger.

Picasso and Matisse held entirely different view both on the aesthetic ideas of art and in lifestyle. Comparing with Picasso, a conceited Spanish who looks stocky, Matisse appeared to be little taller and more elegant. They were both …

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Fresh Eggs 1874 by Winslow Homer

It is a typical moment for the day of a farmers in the countryside. There, in the frame, is a maid in a white spots and black dress with brown gauze clothing and a cock with brown and dark feathers. What a great coincidence! The dresses on the maid are made so much like the cock’s dress, which is totally …

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Bordeaux Wine by Monet Will Show Up in Shanghai

As one of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, The Master of Impressionism: Monet Exhibition will be held at chi K11 art space of Shanghai K11 Shopping and Arts Center in 8th, March. The exhibits include 40 authentic paintings of Monet, 12 works of other impressionists and 3 items …

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Can Oil Painting Art Reflect on Real Life?

These days, contemporary oil painting The Night's Silence, which is on display at Art Museum in Nanjing, China is concerned by public, and also raises deep study on whether the oil painting can reflect the reality of people's lives .

This is a solo a painting exhibition of Gao Lei, a young teacher from Nanjing Arts Institute. The …

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