After The Storm Moonrise 1984 by Ivan Aivazovsky

After The Storm Moonrise is one of Ivan Aivazovsky’s famous seascape paintings, depicting the scene the moon rises after a serious and intense storm. Ivan Aivazovsky, best known for his coastal and seascapes paintings, enjoyed a great fame and prestige around the world, leaving over 6,000 works at his death in 1900.

In this masterpiece, Ivan Aivazovsky employed dark color palette to paint it, rendering dark night and rolling sea scenes with finely-tuned line work and delicate color and used shapes and colors to create chaotic forms after sea storm. The translucent dark blue water and huge waves topped with white foams making this painting vivid and real, creating an immersive atmosphere. A stubborn boat floating on the sea survived from the storm that just passed, seemingly on its last legs. Black clouds gathering in the sky integrate with dark sea as a whole scene. Then a bright round moon dispersing the clouds gradually, making its appearance among the dark clouds. It casts down bright and glows upon the sea, tearing a split of the darkness and making part of the cloud and sea shining in the darkness.

After The Storm Moonrise 1894

After The Storm Moonrise 1894

Aivazovsky plunged viewers into a terrible storm at first, but offered glimmers of optimism by depicting the moon shining in sky, delivering hope and relief to viewers. He immersed the viewer in its shifting moods in this way. During Aivazovsky’s life, he yielded a series of inspiring and meditative seascape paintings with a spiritual dimension, allowing the viewers to immerse in magnificence of the sea.

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