Appreciation to The Madonna of The Chair

In general religious paintings, Madonna must dress in red and blue. The coat is red and the cloak is blue. A part of the red coat here is blocked her shawl, only to see the left arm. Blue cloak is covered down from the waist. Because of holding the infant, the blue cloak is only open on his lap. So, the right hand wearing a red coat dominates the painting. While the yellow in little Jesus forms a harmonic color with red on the left and blue on the lower, which makes the whole painting enhanced. And the image is added with more luxurious and beautiful atmosphere. The shawl in the virgin Maria's chest is embroidered green which has played a complementary role.

The Madonna of The Chair

The Madonna of The Chair

From the color, the artist makes a careful design to prove that it is no accident that Raphael creates this painting. Then from the intimate relationship of three characters, Maria affectionately hugs her son and lowers her head to watch out of the painting, showing a female charm. This posture and facial expression are later fascinated by many audiences. When the viewers see this painting, they will produce imagination for a happy life. The natural beauty of the images and modeling beauty concisely convey the beauty of spirit. Such idea will still be most favored by people even after hundreds of years.

In Raphael's era, the upper Italian aesthetic views grow a new Platonism, which is the pursuit of the ideal of art Kingdom. But the idea drained by the excellent artists is not to deny the reality, but to walk in front of the reality. In order to stimulate the ideal for beauty in devout Christian's mind, the painter must reach the acme of perfection to capture the beauty of the reality. The diameter of circular frame in this painting is 71 cm and collected in Beattie Art Gallery in Florence.


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