Color Match in Oil Painting

A Nude With Her Heel On Her Knee

A Nude With Her Heel On Her Knee

There is no bad color. There is only bad match.

In  plastic arts, whether the color match coordinately often affect the artistic charm and value for the works. Though the pattern in the plastic arts, feeling of space and fine effect is more important, lacking of the coordinate color often makes the works nonsense. Also it has the effect of destroying the whole. There is one word: The right saddle must is set on the right horse. Color is like a saddle, the right horse seems not so great far away without a good saddle match.

To understand truly about works, we should go to read the original works. Also when reading, the light try to be similar to the places of the works which finished by the artist at that time. Certainly, for most people, they have no this kind of condition. They only can depend on the imagination to make up the regret. I often consider the above questions when I browse the works in the exhibition hall or on the painting album. Also more, I think about how the artists to use the color to express their moods, contents and fine effects.

Until recent time, fauvism, cubism, pop art, Dadaism, surrealism and post-modernism school came into being gradually.  The field and scope of application for color is expanded further which show the prosperous look of a hundred flowers in bloom, birds contend and so on. However, there is still many things not been resolved. For example, how the color in the design field can be ordered more scientifically. How can the color, form and content combine together more perfectly? Which way should we use to let the artists see the classic works which were destroyed by different ways?

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