Common Skills of Oil Painting


Subdue means using the bottom of oil painting brush to paint, press and subdue, then lift, like calligraphy, old and strong. The diversity between nib and bottom and the different strength direction of paint can bring various changes and interests.



Pat means using wide pen or fan shaped pen pat on the canvas after dip the color. Pat can bring certain ups and down, not very obvious but make it more texture. It also can be used in weaken the strong color.



Rub means combine more than two colors together in the pen. The colors are mixed and produce new color, it can be used in the contrast of light and shade or in transition.



Line means draw an outline of paint with a pen, usually use flexible brush. Line modeling is both the beginning of eastern and western paintings. Later, the western oil painting focused on light, shade and ensemble. In spite of it, line factor never disappear in oil painting. It can be slim, also can be bold. Copperplate, casual or repeating crossing line makes the paint abundant. Line forms of eastern painting affect many western artists, like Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, Miro and Klee, etc.


Aht Amont Cliffs At Etretat 1920

Aht Amont Cliffs At Etretat 1920

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