Contemporary Oil Painting by Spanish Artist Has Exhibited in Hangzhou, China

In the world , there is such a country where from babbling children, to sixties and seventies, all areas of society in the art aesthetics and painting education reflect it is a profound oil painting country, and this country is called Spain.

November the 8th in 2013, a lecture entitled East meets west - Western Art Exhibition II,  contemporary oil painting of Spanish artist exhibition , opened at Contemporary Art center in Hangzhou, 6th of East Street. It showed Spain's geographical features most vividly, and it was the interpretation of a contemporary Spanish painting.

The creators of the exhibition’s works are painters who won a lot of awards in Spanish drawing competitions. Eastern and Western art have a lot in common, but there are also many differences, the same idea, different means. This exhibition was realist -based, paying more attention to the combination and use of light and color. Every means in personal awareness and communication in objective body make the artist's personality reflect to the most extreme.

These paintings present the qualities 0f Mediterranean School perfectly and are very close to life. Matador, sky, tree-lined trails, boats are on behalf of the Spanish customs. It plays a real role in understanding Spain, in-depth study and understanding of Spanish art .

The value of painting does not lie in its surface, but in its content. No matter how many books he had read ,how many things he had experienced, it is bound to be a major shortcoming of life knowledge if not to learn, understand and taste for art!

Spanish painting

Spanish painting

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