Forbidden Literature The Use of The Word

Before knowing Italian surrealist painter Chirico, Ernst and Rene Magritte (1898.11-1967.8) had been engaged in advertising and wallpaper design. At that time, he was just a not very good advertising designer. In 1927, he came to Paris and his works were firstly encouraged by Britton who said his idea “characteristics of the displayed image language and thought had gone beyond the subordinate”. He did have a language and ideas above a visual image. Through the subtle relationship between words and symbols, the logic causality routine was broken. Forbidden Literature The Use Of The Word was the most illustrative.

Forbidden Literature the Use of the Word

Forbidden Literature the Use of the Word

The artist used stiff and very clean colors to smoothly draw an indoor environment. A staircase led to no way on the right wall. There was a French word Sirene on the floor and the letter i was replaced by a ball image floating on the finger and finger tip. This model on the floor cast a shadow on the floor. Sirene was the god of beauty in the Greek myth. This goodness totally had eight (some people said three) and usually used a wonderful song to lure sailors to their destruction. This word written on the oil painting had a subtle association with the environment. Explained by Magritte's words, it was “the dream after the factual experience dislocated”. Different from Dali, Ernst and other surrealists, he thought that it was necessary for people to dream when they were in asleep. In the daytime, the dream also fell. Everything in the painting was some riddles. Adding the puzzles, it was rather difficult to tell its intention. After viewing, the mystery could only be preserved forever in the memory.

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