Greek Girls Picking Up Pebbles by Frederic Leighton

Frederic Leighton was always keen on classical mythology and the Bible-related content creation, his painting style was very elegant, vintage, and as gorgeous and stately as the ancient Greek sculpture.

In this painting, the images’ demeanor and posture were accord with his style. The two women in the middle were in standing posture, while the other two in both sides bent over and picked up pebbles. There were patchwork distances between each other, which made the ratio between the characters becomes very intuitive. What’s more, their dresses flew with the wind, which looks very harmonious when against the beach, sea and sky. The main colors of this painting were red and gold, which gives a magnificent visual experience, and brings spiritual pleasure. This holy and noble women themed artwork reminds us think of the same female-classic theme, one is the Renaissance master Botticelli’s Spring, and the other is Italian famous painter Rubens Three Graces. Besides, the standing posture of the woman in red is similar to Venus’s in Botticelli’s The birth of Venus.

Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles

Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles

Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles presented to the audience dramatic scenes that based on the character modeling of Greek mythological, Leighton adopted a means of stage scenery to highlight the image of characters, so as to let the audience have the most profound impression. In this painting, the four women have been smeared the colors that reflected their psychological characteristics, which gave us a sense of sacredness. As we can see, Leighton is used form and color to create harmonious composition, and highlight the personality of characters.

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