How to draw the perspective of symmetrical shape in the sketch?

Various changes in any symmetric shape must be through the midline to observe its physique.

The importance of this Law is:

The girl knotted ribbon on his head sketch a picture bather

The girl knotted ribbon on his head sketch a picture bather

One, in the perspective of symmetrical shape change, in the observation and painting must be through the center line to find the symmetrical on both sides of the body position, as this would not be drawn exactly symmetric form.

If it is not symmetric, it should be observed to draw the two sides at the same time. Because a complete and unified form, it is interdependent on both sides of the contour. It is not difficult to imagine, if painting the form on the left, not to look at the right part, then draw the left and right and how to shape echoes? In the sketch, many mistakes often come from the method of "concentrate one" which does not know see at the same time.

Three points of symmetrical shape (the point and the center line on the both sides), the general shape is observed on both sides.

Two, we not only understand the central role, but also find the correct position to the center line, because the form characteristics also are often reflected through the center line.

In painting human portraits, many people just look at a single location and shape of facial features and never seriously study the special reflection of various features and head in the center line. Only finding the position of the center line of the right can determine the symmetry point symmetry objects on both sides, thus grasping the fluctuation characteristics of object.

Three, in painting the moving symmetrical shape (static models also belong to the moving object, because the models may not move), the center line becomes more important. Because the symmetry of object motion is absolute, if you are not sure of the center line, the body will move and change. With the endless change, it will be in completely passive.

Sketch should avoid passively following running the object. If first of all determining the center line, it can form active observation according to the center line of symmetry and find three relations between them, and then after understanding it can more easily to shape and avoid the break to modify.

Establishing a center line can also be based on anatomical knowledge and understanding of the structure and shape each other around the correct position, which improves the initiative.

Four, master of the center line of the law is undoubtedly a very important means to practice dictation.

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