Introductin of Oil Painting The Rape of Helen

The Rape of Helen was one of Guido Reni's most classic works, which based on ancient Greek myths about the story that the Prince of Troy raped Helen.

The Rape of Helen

The Rape of Helen

It was said that in ancient Greek, a goddess got even with Troy, so she created a golden apple that read "For the most beautiful goddess"and gave it to Troy. At that time, Goddess of wisdom Athena, the Queen of heaven Hess and Goddess of love Venus were all believed that they were that most beautiful goddess. Venus said to the prince that if you gave me your apple, I would reward you the most beautiful girl. Hence, he gave the apple to Venus, while she took Helen away, led to war between the two countries.

This painting depicted the scene when the prince of Troy left the palace with Helen. The images, no matter Helen or the prince, or their retinues, were all showed a graceful posture. Behind the crowed is the blue sea and sky that make the whole picture extremely bright. The characters who rounded Helen dressed colorful clothes with sophisticated style, making the image of Helen more charming. What's more, little Cupid in the bottom right corner turn his head to the audience with a meaningful glance. Other character's actions differ with each other, and their slow and artificial gestures dramatized this painting.

In The Rape of Helen , Guido Reni continues his rigorous and meaningful painting style. We can see poetic artistic conception in the lively colors, gentle and soft shape of figures.


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