Introduction to Fishermen At Sea

Fishermen At Sea

Fishermen At Sea

Fishermen At Sea was created by the British romantic landscape painter, famous watercolor painter and printmaker Joseph Marroad William Turner in the year of 1815. Fishermen At Sea was a kind of painting on Canvas measuring 91.4 x 122.2 kilometer. It is now collected in Tate Britain Art Gallery. Fishermen At Sea was the first painting exhibited in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition (1796) by Turner. From 1790, he began to exhibit watercolor paintings, totaling 10 pieces in a year. At that time, 21-year-old Turner became famous for his classical style of watercolor drawings and was very popular with British collectors. But the ambitious painter thought a painter must create more mature oil paintings to establish a good reputation.

The place of fishing boat was on the Isle of Wight of the south coast of England outside the coast line. In 1795, Turner visited the island and drew a large number of coast sketches and watercolor paintings and made them collected in Isle of Wight Sketch. But few people knew that he once quietly created such an outstanding painting which techniques and quality were not to be neglected. "The fishing boat was floating in the sea, swaying, and rippling with vivid effects." In the review guide of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the painting won the wide praise because of its naturalistic features and unique performance of fishing scene. But careful people would be delighted to discover these early oil paintings have appeared the intense Turner signs of vortex structure.



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