Mysterious Appearance of Cezanne’s Another Painting "Card Players"

As is known by all, Cezanne paintingCard Players, was a series of creations, totaling 5 works. In Feb this year, one piece of Card Players was bought by Qatari royal family in the price of more than 0.25 billion dollars, which was a great sensation news at that time.

The Card Players

The Card Players

According to previous reports, Paul Cezanne had painted 5 Card Players. In addition to the auction one 0.25 billion, the other 4 pieces were all preserved in the world major museums, respective they were: Orsay Museum in Paris, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Courtauld College in London and Barnes Museum of Art in Philadelphia.

But recently, another painting that was considered to be one of Card Players series emerged. This almost unknown works was hung in a dead collector's home in Dallas. His widow had it entrusted to the Christie auction in New York. This work was planned to be sold in May 1 this year with an estimated price of 15 to 20 million dollars. Only the actions of the gardener Paulin Paulet's were depicted in this painting, who was the only one that appeared in all the series Card Players of Cezanne.

Card Player

This work's collector Heinz F. Eichenwald was dead. It was said that this painting was bought by his father in Berlinin 1930. Later in order to escape Nazi Germany, he took this painting to the United States. Experts believed that the completion date of this work by Cezanne was roughly same as that of Card Players in Orsay Museum. The colors of two pieces of works were approximately rust, green and grey.

Since the one-time show of A Card Player in the United States in 1953, this work never became public. This show was called "From Van Gogh to Matisse in the French art, before and after the 1900".

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