Oil Painting Reveal Farmer's Life--The Man With The Hoe

The Man With The Hoe was completed by Jean Francois Millet in 1862. This painting strongly displayed the pains and hardships of ordinary people. In a barren land, a young farmer was holding a hoe and grasping for breath. From morning to night, the man found it difficult to strengthen the waist and only could occasionally stop to take a breath. The young man was standing up in the field under the hot sunshine and raised his head to look up the sky. It seemed that the poor life and heavy labor work had drained all of his energy. There was a large wheat field in front of him waiting for being worked. The distance was the faint scene of the city which was another kind of life. But it was not part of his life. This painting was certainly a challenge to the society. What the painter wish to depict was a solemn laborer. The artist obviously made a shrill cry here.

The Man With The Hoe

The Man With The Hoe

The Man With The Hoe made by Millet was surely beautiful. Although in the barren land with overgrowing weeds and piles of rocks, he took a hoe and took a long breath. As tired as he was, he hardly stood up. But the beauty was not what the shape and color in his face conveyed. His raising head and eyes looking into the distance revealed the inner pains and hardships of fate. But at the same time, he also showed the expectation and great desire for a happy life.

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