Selection Criteria for Home Decoration Painting

First, the painting should be in harmony with your own style of decoration.
Simple room with modern painting such as non-frame painting can make a room full of vitality. European and classical room can choose paintings in realistic style, such as portraits, landscapes, etc. The relief frame looks magnificent and elegant and can achieve the best result. The painting style should depend on the decoration style and main furniture. The painting style had better be coordinated in the same environment, otherwise you will feel cluttered and discomfort. For instance, it will be very strange if Chinese painting and modern abstract painting are put together.

Flowering Apple Trees at Eragny 1888

Flowering Apple Trees at Eragny 1888

Second, the color should be in line with the furnishings on the wall.
If it is a kind of deep and stable furniture, you should choose an ancient and elegant painting to be coordinated. If it is bright and simple furniture and decoration, the best choice would be to choose an active, warm, avant-garde and abstract painting.

Third, absolutely choose your favorite.
Of course, the most important is to choose your favorite. Compared to this, all the other things are subordinate. The biggest value that oil painting brings to you is the spiritual pleasure and relaxation.

Fourth, try to choose a hand-painted oil painting
At present, there are a lot of simulated paints in the market, which are easy to be oxidized and change color. In general, we will be able to tell from the strokes of painting: the picture of hand-made painting has an obvious concavo-convex surface which can be felt clearly when touching by your hands, while printed painting is very smooth and partly colored by the pigments.

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