Still Life Works of Paul Cezanne

Still Life was made by the famous French painter Paul Cezanne. In 1999, Cezanne’s Still Life was auctioned in New York with a $60500000 price, which made the whole world art fans have a chance to see the works of masters and confirmed that Cezanne’s important position in the world art circle. From Still Life, Cezanne's exploration spirit and style can be seen. In this painting, the whole relationship is like a network where all the objects in the network play their proper role, any details and local seem not to move freely, otherwise, the whole structure will lose balance. Paul Cezanne was the main leader of French post-impressionist and was hailed as the "father of the new art" from the end of 19th century. As the pioneer of modern art, modern western painters called him "the father of modern art" or "the father of modern painting". His pursuit and performance of object volume opened a lot of ideas for cubism. His subjective color greatly differentiated most painters who emphasized the objective color sensation.

Still Life Peppermint Bottle

Still Life Peppermint Bottle

In Cezanne's Still Life works, apple often becomes what he wants to paint. Several apples scatter around the table covered with cloth or fruit bowl, which is a very meaningful painting. When Cezanne's still apples appear, the western art world is quite astonished. Here, there is no politics, no thought, no lofty ideals and high aspirations, no anxiety and no pretension. Apples are fresh, fragrant, true, and faithful to their natural attributes which are quite and gloss. All the women painted by Cezanne seem to have an apple-like temperament, sitting there quietly. And have no so-called crazy ambition for the future. They are as quiet as apples.


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