The Boating Party, Days of Family Happiness

This is a warm and sweet oil painting created by Mary Cassatt, who was an American painter and printmaker. Cassatt often created images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and children. And The Boating Party was the very painting.

If you like it, everything is possible. When you appreciate it, I am sure you will like it because of the happiness it conveys. Have you ever dreamed a dream that you were hanging out with your families? Have you ever dreamed a dream that you with your honey and little baby were going on a honeymoon?Have you ever dreamed a dream that… Have you ever had a day that you were having a beautiful with you husband and your lovely little baby girl? In the blue boundless ocean sea, the mild sun shining and sea wind breezing, a man in a dark blue robe was pulling the oars. He wore a dark blue cap matching his robes, and a blue girdle. In front of him, there was his wife hugging their lovely baby sitting at a small white boat. His wife was in a long lavender dress and wearing a white hat dressed by some yellow flower and green leaves. The baby in pink dress and white hat was staring her father. So did her mother.  By far, it was a beautiful seaside village. And there were full of green tress and houses.

In all, it is just like a family party in a boat. As it was named The Boating Party, this painting showed a pleasure and romantic family party for us.

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