Tibetan Mastiff Paintings in Paris Grand Palace Exhibition

Art Capital, the world exhibition, jointly organized by the French Ministry of Culture and the Grand Palace Exhibition in Paris opened on the 22nd. Mr. Lin Yue, the famous Chinese oil paintings painter whose Tibetan mastiff paintings had been invited to attend the Grand Palace exhibition in 2009, was invited again to attend this Art Capital Exhibition.

When Lin Yue Tibetan mastiff painting Waiting appeared at the Grand Palace in Paris, many people were attracted. The look of the Tibetan mastiff king Seba from Chinese Qinghai-Tibet Plateau waiting on the prairie impressed the audience from all over the world.

Lin Yue Tibetan mastiff painting

Lin Yue Tibetan mastiff painting

This exhibition is the last one, which was held in the Grand Palace in Paris. In the past 20th century, most of famous French art genres in the world were known by the international public in this solemn temple of art.

Since 1901-1947, the Grand Palace in Paris has maintained its artistic holy glory, and this time is also recognized by the industry as "the golden age of modern art". The autumn artistic salon system established by the Grand Palace in Paris is a major path for numerous artists to the international arena.

Grand Palace in Paris has become an art stage which launches new international art stars and summarizes the brilliant life of important artists. Lin Yue’s oil painting luckily appearing twice in the Grand Palace in Paris exhibition also reflects its artistic achievements from the other side.

Lin Yue was born in Guang’an, Sichuan province, graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Department, who is now the Vice chairman of the Sichuan Artists Association. Two decades, he walked through the Tibetan Plateau alone. His works are not only western style, but also have distinct traces of the times and nations, regional characteristics.



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