Venetian Paintings of Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini (1430 – 1516) was a famous Italian Renaissance painter and one of the founders of Venetian art. Actually the main founders of Venetian art was the Bellini family including his father Jacopo Bellini and his brother Gentile Bellini. Giovanni's painting techniques, gradually revealed the realm of uncertainty and quiet in around 1550s, which owes to his research on Francesca's achievements. His innovative theme gave the audience new experience in the form of painting and color,. What he had done promoed Realism of the Renaissance to a new stage and Venice became the center of the late Renaissance.

German Renaissance master, albrecht dūrer called Giovanni Bellini the most remarkable Venice painters, and some even considered his achievements to be neck and neck with Leonardo Da Vinci. His painting style moved towards a more sensuous and coloristic style. His rich coloring and Majestic landscapes influenced greatly on the Venetian art.

The Feast of the Gods

The Feast of the Gods

The main feature of the Venetian painting school is sunny, scenic and joyous. Giovanni Bellini’s work The Feast Of The Gods depicted lively and fascinating ideal scene of Renaissance. Bellini is a famous painter of the Venetian painting school, he had very deep feelings on the Venice natural landscape and cultural landscape. He vividly expressed his own pursuit for the ideal life, yearnings for cheerful spirit and longings for unfettered lifestyle through myths and legends depicted in his paintings.

In the painting, The Feast Of The Gods , is a feast of realistic life symbolizing happy and peaceful life in Venice. It reflected the social fashion of the Venetian. They enjoyed life and admired freedom. The painting showed the beautiful life in the other world, which proved the painter had great and flexible creativity. He was good at depicting the light outdoor so that people were able to tell which season it was and even the time. Giovanni witnessed the Venetian art become flourishing in his life time. His excellent skill had deeply influenced his students.

In 65 years of Giovanni's artistic career, he led the Venetian painting from rural backwardness style to the forefront of the Renaissance and finally became the mainstream of Western art.


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