What is the perspective and overlapping shapes of sketch?

Perspective shape

One, because our angles are different from the angle that the object places, any object we saw has the perspective relationship. Because of the changes of perspective, the shape we see is a perspective form and the side we see is the perspective side.

Mosaic art metro novokuznetskaya sketch

Mosaic art metro novokuznetskaya sketch

Two, the more complex the change of shape is (such as portrait, body), the more complex the perspective of shape changes is. Changes of perspective are like "Kaleidoscope". If the point of view or perspective is slightly moved, or the painting object is changed, then the perspective shape will be completely changed, resulting in a new perspective shape. If you attempt to modify the painting, there is no other local but the global. Therefore it must not be advocated as objects which are drawn or painted with endless change. Request objects to obey your screen in this area.

Three, in the sketch, it is necessary to grasp the changing rules of the form under the influence of the perspective and be active in the drawing process. It can also draw a variety of morphological changes in the movement in the dictation.

Overlapping shape

One, stereo shape itself is multi-level and fluctuation, which is composed of various different forms together. They will appear or even cover between the forms. The overlapping shape is mainly performed in the specific inner and outer contour. Unknowing the overlapping shape must have the body painted simple.

Portrait of giulia bellelli sketch 1860

Portrait of giulia bellelli sketch 1860

Two, in the landscape and still life paintings, the overlapping relationship between shapes is more complex in the composition of many characters. This requires a good command of the complex multi-level relations. Through the art of generalization with small to large, from the main method, to make things in a blur of overlapping shape divided into several levels.

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