What Role did Albrecht Durer Play in Germany and European Art?

Located beside the river of Frankfurt am Main, The German Stadel Museum will held an exhibition about "Durer—Germany's master" from Nov. 23, 2013 to Feb. 2, 2014. The exhibition has more than 280 works to show to the visitors the life of great German painter Albrecht Durer, his art works and the times he lived. It is one of the largest exhibitions about Durer by far in the field of art.

In the history of Germany and European art, Durer took an important status. Albrecht Durer, born in 1471 in Nuremberg, Germany, was an important painter, print artists, sculptor and art theorist during the Renaissance in the middle ages. Influenced by the trend of Renaissance, Durer paid attention to nature and ordinary people. He created a great number of excellent landscape and portraits of ordinary people, bring the Renaissance style to the north of Alps. Durer also explored painting subjects from Germany's old culture and religious tradition, and has been called the German Legend painter with "full-bodied German style".

"Durer—Germany's master" exhibition gathers together about 200 Durer's works from over 10 famous museum worldwide, such as Stadel museum, National Gallery of London, the Louvre in Paris and Washington D.C. National Gallery of Art, including the largest wood engraving—The Arc Triumph of Maximilian I, oil painting Bright Altar and The Leather Self-portrait of Durer, etc. At the same time, the exhibition displays about 80 paintings of Durer's contemporary painters, showing the mutual influence between the contemporary painters.

Instead of displaying in order of chronological age, the exhibition focus on the important fragments or themes of the painter's whole life, and opens 14 hall for display. Jochen Sander, the exhibition planner, said that through this exhibition, he hoped to show a "complete Durer", and Durer's width and diversity in the painting approach and skills.

When introducing Durer's drawing features, Sandel said, "Durer knew how to observe the nature by an extraordinary way. Besides, Durer was one of the painters who first to think about how to show human body proportion. The innovation in these two aspects made him the unique painter at that time. Meanwhile, his excellent painting skills vividly show the texture of different materials and substances, such as the texture of a cloth or mental surface.

"Durer—Germany's master" exhibition will continue until February 2, 2014. Stadel museum is one of the most important art museums in German, with collections of more than 2700 paintings and 600 sculptures. It had been named "the Museum of the Year 2012" by 200 world art critics.

Albrecht Durer's Father 1497

Albrecht Durer's Father 1497

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