Ancient Beauty in Chinese Paintings

At the first sight, you may be attracted by this Chinese painting because it really reveals another kind of beauty to us. As you can see from this painting, the beauties are all fat and plump and in modern age, they are anything but beauty. However, different times have different standards for beauties. Actually, what kind of women can be referred to as beauty? It will still remind a problems as the development of this world.

Beautiful lady, Playing music - Chinese Painting

Beautiful lady, Playing music - Chinese Painting

From their costume, we can know their are ancients beauties in China. This Chinese figure painting has vividly depicted the scene when they are playing various ancient musical instruments together. From the expressions in their faces, we know that they are enjoying the joy from playing instruments. Actually, as observed from their hair style, it is possible that these beauties lives in Tang Dynasty which harbors various musics and can be regarded as the age of music. What’s more important, the standard for beauty is fat, round and plump. With fine and bright colors, this painting is pleasant to eyes. With the hand of the author, the scene has been enlivened. In front of this painting, it seems that the sound of music played by these beauties will gently come to your ears.


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