Appreciation: Countryside Scenery in Chinese Paintings

This one of the typical Chinese paintings in depicting the beauty and charm of the South region of the Yangtze River. The bridge, the village surrounded by water, and the boat will always remind us of some beautiful stories. Although the overall picture is in dark colors, the girls in colorful clothes, the hanging red lanterns and the green trees alongside the water actually bring out the merit of this Chinese landscape painting. Thus, a color balance has been achieved. Especially, as you can see, some clothes are hung for dry in the sun outside the houses, which actually enliven the life scene in this waterside village, and shows that people here are living in tranquility. From the costume of the girls, we know they are the typical beauties in the south region of the Yangtze River. Both the bridge over the river and the construction of the houses are all portrayed according to the real situation, which will offer a sense of reality.

Watercolor paintings are most featured by fresh colors and elegant styles. With flexible strokes, everything in this water township painting including the houses, the boats, the bridge and the road are all depicted in details. Particularly, the veins and lines of the tiles have been clearly painted with fine colors. On the first sight, we will be immediately attracted by its clearness and pureness. Actually, it will be fantastic if we could walk around the waterside village.

A countryside, watercolor - Chinese Painting

A countryside, watercolor - Chinese Painting

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