Chinese and Western Lily's Symbolic Meanings


When you look at the elegant purity of a white lily flower you can’t help but feel something pull at your soul. In fact for many cultures across the world this special flower represents purity, honor, and enlightenment. For the ancient Greeks this flower represented innocence of the soul and would often be used during the burial of children or respected holy people. In fact in many current cultures this beautiful flower is used in weddings to represent the purity of marriage and the solemnity of the vows the couple take.
Perhaps the best known use of this beautiful flowers symbolism is that of the Easter lily. The white lily flower is used to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary. However, the use of this flower to represent godly beings goes back in history to the time of the Romans where it was believed that the white lily received its color from the fallen milk of the Goddess Juno queen of the gods. It is obvious that this flower has had a very large impact on the conscious of humanity.

Chinese Lily Painting

Chinese Lily Painting

Learning about flower symbolism inChinacan also be helpful if you are interested in Chinese art and culture. By understanding what various flowers mean, you may be able to read additional culture into pieces of art. Specific flowers carry very clear meanings. In both Eastern and Western cultures, the color white represents purity, cleanliness, and the innate innocence of human spirit. In Chinese, the name of white lily is called “baihe”, which represents both unity of spirits and 100 years of love. Therefore, Lilies are customary gifts for weddings or even close friends for their symbolic meanings.

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