Chinese Painting of Peony

As an independent painting subject in traditional Chinese paintings, the flowers and birds paintings occupy an important place in the history of Chinese painting. Peony is one of the most popular flower themes in Chinese Gongbi paintings. Known as the "exquisite beauty"and "king of flowers", peony has long been as the symbol of wealth, good fortune and prosperity. Peony's branches are often tall and straight.  The leaves are luxuriant and varied, and it also has elegant flowers. The peony emotion in China is deep-rooted, and this is one of the reasons for Chinese Gongbi peony paintings popularity in the art market.

Peony - Chinese Painting

Peony - Chinese Painting

In the early Gongbi flowers and birds paintings, peony is considered as one of the most difficult themes to paint. This is mainly because that the peony and herbaceous peony are very similar. Even the slightest mistake may destroy the noble and elegant feeling of the whole painting. Therefore, a good Peony painting is very rare and valuable.

The peony represents rich and elegant,so it is the king of flowers.  It is also a symbol of the golden age spirit. In traditional Chinese culture, peony painting is the most popular category among the flower and bird painting. And the aromatic the peony is also once regarded as the main candidate of the national flower of China.

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