Chinese Snow Landscape Painting

Snow is beautiful in Winter, while it melt when sun comes out. Paintings in your house will let you enjoy the snow whenever. A lot of famous ancient Chinese masters painted snow scene, such as Fan Kuan (one of the most famous three landscape painting painters of Northern Song Dynasty), Guo Xi (outstanding painter of Northern Song Dynasty), Zhao Yong (calligrapher and painter of Yuan Dynasty) and so on.

Village in the Snow

Village in the Snow

In modern times, landscape painter further develop the techniques of snow painting on the basis of summing up the previous experience, and making it become an independent type of Chinese landscape painting. Chinese snow painting mainly shows the grand snow scene of the northern part of China especially Northeast China region. In snow winter, all is covered in silvery white snow, as if we enter a fairyland. That's why people appreciate the snow scene, for its pureness.

Artist like painting snow landscape, because snow that is bound up with their soul. Snow landscape  is a symbol. Artist painting snow scene not especially for emphasizing the cold of the snowy world, but for giving expression to their mood through painting. In a sheer whiteness, all the dirt seems disappeared. It reflects painter's feeling of high moral principle and detachment.

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