Chrysanthemum Famous Flowers in Traditional Chinese Paintings

Chrysanthemum is blooming in the late autumn and foretells the coming of winter. Most of flowers withered in the frost, it stands out the strength and fortitude of chrysanthemum. It was the favorite flower of the great poet Tao Yuanming, a towering figure in Chinese paintings.

In ancient myth and legends, chrysanthemum painting had the meanings of auspiciousness and longevity, which also symbolizes the virtue to withstand all adversities. It will always be the calligraphy and painting painted on silk, satin ors silk.

In Chinese Arts, plum flower, orchid flower, bamboo, chrysanthemum always in one set and displayed together, symbol of four seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. It is suitable to displayed in living room, office and hotal lobby. Also can be displayed individually.


chrysanthemum painting chinese painting

chrysanthemum painting

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