Fengshui Meaning in Chinese Pomegranate Paintings

Pomegranate is regarded as the auspicious fruit in China. Because of its bright color and numerous plump seeds, it is an emblem of posterity, prosperity, solidarity, and luck in Chinese bird-and-flower paintings. In folk, when take a wife or marry a man, people often place a pomegranate which burst open, revealing the numerous seeds on the desk or other place in bridal chamber. People also giff-gaff the pomegranate for blessing.

The common auspicious pattern picture about pomegranate in Chinese paintings is: a burst-open fruitful pomegranate with branches and leaves. It is symbolize the hope of the family for numerous offspring behaving in a virtuous and filial manner and rising to fame and glory.

Chinese Pomegranate Painting

Chinese Pomegranate Painting

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