How To Paint Chinese Bamboo Painting

Chinese Bamboo Painting

Chinese Bamboo Painting

Chinese painting is of cultural implication, and Chinese bamboo painting is famous. Today, Artisoo gallery will teach you how to draw a Chinese bamboo painting in the flowing steps.

Find suitable bamboo to paint. If you have bamboo growing in the garden, set your easel in front of this. Alternatively, visit the Botanical Gardens or a Chinese Garden in your area. If you cannot find live bamboo, look online for a suitable photo. If you don't have the time to sit before live bamboo, take a photo to help you remember the colors and proportions.

Select the appropriate colors. Bamboo is mostly green, but as in the painting shown above, this coloring can be varied with shades of fawn, beige, etc.

Draw the stem first. Draw this straight. You can add the knobbly elements as you go. Draw a bunch of stems if you are making a bamboo grove; or simply concentrate on drawing a single bamboo length.

Add the leaves. Position these at even intervals along the stem.

Paint the colors. The design above provides a good example of adding shading as you paint, to portray the roundness and smoothness of bamboo.


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