New Development Trend of Chinese Painting

Traditional Chinese painting has a much longer history than oil painting, which originates from about six thousand years ago. Chinese painting is not restricted by the focal point in its perspective so that the Chinese artists are fond of showing a shifting perspective. As the oil painting being introduced to China, traditional Chinese painting has experienced great changes, while traditional Chinese painting still plays an important role at home and abroad, We can not tell either Chinese painting or oil painting is better for both of them has a large number of fantastic fans all over the world.

Beautiful Lady

Beautiful Lady

Different from oil paintings, traditional Chinese painting rarely uses the human body as the subjects of the painting, which is frequently seen in oil paintings. This is not only caused by culture difference but also influenced by the expressiveness of the brush strokes. Obviously, this can be changed by some artists with new concept and innovation. It is said that a young Hong Kong artist-- Leung Ka Yi has was brave enough to paint her half-naked protagonists on Chinese scrolls. Some people may criticize that she has broken away from conventions of Chinese painting. However, in my opinion, her innovation has perfectly combined Chinese brush paintings and western oil paintings. She is able to utilize the brush strokes in Chinese brush paintings to represent human bodies even that that brush strokes are traditionally used to depict birds, flowers and mountains.

Leung Ka Yi graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, being regarded as an innovative artist with fun and probing style. Her painting works can catch the attention of the public and at the same time reveal a sense of contemporaneousness. Among her works, her Rotundity, series is one of the most famous series, which has been exhibited many times. If you are interested in her paintings, then try to enjoy other series such as Bugaboo and Villain Hitting. Leung Ka Yi tells us that Chinese painting is always more than traditional style.

For quite a long time, with profound theory, unique expression and sophisticated techniques Chinese painting receives a great popularity by more and more people. Even though it has been changed in some aspects, Chinese painting must remain its own style. The story of Leung Ka Yi indicates that the combination of Chinese painting and oil painting is the new development trend of Chinese traditional arts. Many artists now are desirous of expressing their feelings of new times by new means. By combining sorts of painting techniques and expression modes, Chinese painting is opening up a new development era.

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