The National Beauty Peony in Chinese Paintings

Flowers, a major subcategory in the bird-and-flower paintings, became the object of attention and depiction by painters throughout the ages. Artists not only directly portrayed the outer beauty of flowers, they also expressed the subtle spirit and demeanor of their subject.

An auspicious flower, the peony is known as the flower of riches and honor and is a emblem of wealth and distinction. It symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and peace. Chinese peony paintings are hung in the home for good luck and in the office place for prosperous business. It is also regarded as an omen of good fortune. An emblem of love and affection, the peony is often a symbol of feminine beauty. The Chinese tree peony represents the season of Spring (Lotus of Summer, Chrysanthemum of Autumn, Wild Plum of Winter). The Chinese tree peony is a flower of the yang principle.

Peony(Four Screens) - Chinese Painting

Peony(Four Screens) - Chinese Painting

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