The Symbol of Dragon in Chinese Culture

The symbol of the Dragon

When people talk about Chinese martial art in foreign countries, the first person come to your mind I think would be, Dragon - The Bruce Lee. His charisma and martial arts ability overshadowed any short comings in the film and instantly catapulted him to superstar status. In The Chinese Connection his fight scenes were flawless and believable. His simple and direct fighting style of Jeet Kune Do would set the standard for all martial arts films to come. Return of The Dragon originally titled Way of The Dragon, was his third film, and was a total Bruce Lee production. He wrote it, directed it, cast it and chose the locations. Another film, Enter the Dragonis considered by many to be the ultimate martial arts film of all time. Just as his name shows, dragon is a symbol of art and spirit. The dragon overcomes obstacles until success is his. He is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious.

Chinese Dragon Painting

Chinese Dragon Painting

Unlike the negative energies associated with Western Dragons, most Eastern Dragons are beautiful, friendly, and wise. They are the angels of the Orient. Instead of being hated, they are loved and worshipped.Templesand shrines have been built to honor them, for they control the rain, rivers, lakes, and seas. Many Chinese cities have pagodas where people used to burn incense and pray to dragons.

The Chinese dragon, symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity. The Celestial Chinese Dragon is comparable as the symbol of the Chinese race itself. Chinese around the world, proudly proclaim themselves "Long De Chuan Ren" (Descendents of the Dragon). Dragons are referred to as the divine mythical creature that brings with it ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

Dragon: 7 to 9 a.m., named chen shi (time period of Chen). Dragons were said to hover in the sky at that time to give people rainfall. People born in the year of 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 and so forth are Dragon people.

The Chinese Dragon is often seen as the symbol of divine protection and vigilance. It is regarded as the Supreme Being amongst all creatures. It has the ability to live in the seas, fly up the heavens and coiled up in the land in the form of mountains. Being the divine mythical animal, the Dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his emblem. The Chinese Dragon is look upon as the ultimate symbol of Good Fortune. The Dragon is the ultimate representation of the forces of Mother Nature, the greatest divine force on Earth. Everything connected with Eastern Dragons is blessed. The Year of the Dragon, which takes place ever twelve years, is lucky. Present-day Oriental astrologers claim that children born during Dragon Years enjoy health, wealth, and long life. Do you know that this year is the dragon year? Luckily, 2012 is my Benming Nian (year of birth)-the animal year when a person was born is called his/her Benming Nian (year of birth). God bless me!

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