The twelve zodiac animals of China and the Twelve Constellations

The twelve zodiac animals are matched with the five elements and the eight trigrams for fortune-telling, with a long history in China. As an important part of an elaborate and laborious system of Chinese astrology and cosmology, zodiac is used as a method for counting years, months, days and hours in the Chinese imperial court and civil calendar, and utilized to forecast one's future and determine one's character. Every Chinese person has their zodiac animal fixed long before they are even born. Here are some zodiac animals’ traits. Find out whether it is accurate or not.

Chinese Zodiac Animals Painting

Chinese Zodiac Animals Painting

Rat: emotional and opportunist

Rat-gifted personality feels sharp, good at many aspects of development, rich in the emotion, dare to take risks, never give up halfway. while, sometimes distorts the facts and blame others.

Chinese Animals-Mouse Painting

Chinese Animals-Mouse Painting

Ox: indomitable, authority activists

Good leadership, the authoritative doctrine, dealing with people circumspectly, think twice before implementation, strong family values, taking a positive attitude towards life, refusing to be cowed or submitted, consistent character.

Chinese Animals-Cow Painting

Chinese Animals-Cow Painting

Tiger: brave, optimistic, human protector

Tiger independent heart strong, gladness with perseverance, indomitable spirit, all things have a well-thought-out plan, heart to wait for opportunity strategy. Tiger is a symbol of good luck, pursue tenacious life and avoid overcharge.

Chinese Animals-Tiger Painting

Chinese Animals-Tiger Painting

Rabbit: noble silence, hedonist

Rabbit naturally gentle, honest, generous and elegant noble, be scanty of words. Has a unique temperament and taste in the design and creation. Quick action may sometimes be reckless, need to pay special attention to your weaknesses.

Chinese Animals-Rabbit Painting

Chinese Animals-Rabbit Painting

Dragon: confident, an idealist

The dragon is the ideal pursuit, pursuing his dream of unremitting efforts. Dragon is a symbol of luck, virtue, peace and long life. Generous enthusiasm is also very brave and confident. The women would have many suitors.

Chinese Animals-Dragon Painting

Chinese Animals-Dragon Painting

Snake: beautiful and humor, jealous of love

The male has romantic humor, attractive, and women, beautiful and charming. Judgment is extremely strong, work step by step until climb to the peak. Looks bold, dress is very exquisite, more attempts to modify themselves.

Chinese Animals-Snake Painting

Chinese Animals-Snake Painting

Horse: lively open and bright

The person tends to be outgoing, lively and cheerful, compassionate and popular. Tend to have outstanding appearance, know how to dress and a natural politician. Independent subjective can do anything in indulge in arbitrary decisions and peremptory actions, not accept others opinions. Good at managing money, do not know how to please the opposite sex.

Chinese Animals-Horse Painting

Chinese Animals-Horse Painting

Ram: mercy benevolence, capricious artist

Born in the year of goat people are noble, charming, artistic temperament, also love nature. Meek appearance, but seek other tenacity and fighting spirit is unusual. The sheep is the importance of family, love children and parents. Everything is discreet, but need to strengthen to be responsible, initiative and creative.

Chinese Animals-Sheep Painting

Chinese Animals-Sheep Painting

Monkey: playful and intelligent, individualist

The monkey is full of the wisdom of the intellectuals, informative, has a remarkable memory. Monkey like diplomats in a way, to avoid their plight. Persons tend to be easy to get love, but not easy to be satisfied. Intelligent ability can make the time, in the cause of good performance.

Chinese Animals-Monkey Painting

Chinese Animals-Monkey Painting

Rooster: handsome frank, who loves the limelight

Chicken have prophetic vision, not trusting of others, but to give advice and support others. In love, the feeling of husband and wife is very good, pay attention to the atmosphere.

Chinese Animals-Chicken Painting

Chinese Animals-Chicken Painting

Dog:  very honest.

The dog more pessimistic love nature, seek truth, for life had no prayer. The dog gives unlimited confidence, ready to serve others, respected. In love the dog is honest and upright, encountered trouble only to blame himself.

Chinese Animals-Dog Painting

Chinese Animals-Dog Painting

Pig: selfless, materialist

The pig is brave, careful, polite and helpful. Selfless character, can admit their mistakes, but also can forgive the mistakes of others. Sincere, absolutely reliable and are suitable for all walks of life, his conscience and hard-working and able to achieve success.

Chinese Animals-Pig Painting

Chinese Animals-Pig Painting

In terms of the animals of Chinese zodiacs, each animal covers one year long. While all the twelve constellations only covers the whole year, which more focus on your birth day. Now, check it. You will receive a surprise.


Twelve Constellations


Merit: Optimistic, freedom-loving, jovial, good-humored, honest, straightforward, intellectual and philosophical.

Demerit: Blindly optimistic, careless, irresponsible, superficial, tactless and restless.


Merit: Practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, patient, careful, humorous and reserved.

Demerit: Pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly and grudging.


Merit: Friendly, humanitarian, honest, loyal, original, inventive, independent and intellectual.

Demerit: Intractable, contrary, perverse, unpredictable, unemotional and detached.


Merit: Imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic.

Demerit: Escapist, idealistic, secretive, vague, weak-willed and easily led.


Merit: Adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic and quick-witted.

Demerit: Selfish, quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, foolhardy and daredevil.


Merit: Patient, reliable, warmhearted, loving, persistent, determined, placid and security loving.

Demerit: Jealous, possessive, resentful, inflexible, self-indulgent and greedy.


Merit: Adaptable, versatile, communicative, witty, intellectual, eloquent, youthful and lively.

Demerit: Nervous, tense, superficial, inconsistent, cunning and inquisitive.


Merit: Emotional, loving, intuitive, imaginative, shrewd, cautious, protective and sympathetic.

Demerit: Changeable, moody, overemotional, touchy, clinging and unable to let go.


Merit: Generous, warmhearted, creative, enthusiastic, broad-minded, expansive, faithful and loving.

Demerit: Pompous, patronizing, bossy, interfering, dogmatic and intolerant.


Merit: Modest, shy, meticulous, reliable, practical, diligent, intelligent and analytical.

Demerit: Fussy, a worrier, overcritical, harsh, perfectionist and conservative.


Merit: Diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming, easygoing, sociable, idealistic and peaceable.

Demerit: Indecisive, changeable, gullible, easily influenced, flirtatious and self-indulgent.


Merit: Determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, exciting and magnetic.

Demerit: Jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive and obstinate.

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