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Chinese Animal Painting

Chinese Animal Painting

Chinese animal painting is a kind of painting depicting animals, just as the name implies. Generally, the animal painting focuses on the auspicious animal in China, such as the dragon, phoenix and Kylin. When they appear, Chinese people believe that they would bring good luck to them. Other animals such as tiger, lion, elephant and deer etc, they were also worshiped by the ancient people, and they were associated with the theology and political category.

The animal-themed Chinese painting in Artisoo gallery is entirely hand painted. The extensive list of paintings contained here depicts real animals or the legendary animal, including dragon, tiger & phoenix Chinese painting, kylin painting, panda, monkey painting, rooster, cat & eagle/ hawk, lion painting, mouse, pig, dog, sheep painting, etc.

Chinese cat paintingsCat
Chinese chicken paintingsChicken
Chinese cow paintingsCow
Chinese deer paintingsDeer
Chinese dog paintingsDog
Chinese dragon paintingsDragon
Chinese eagle paintingsEagle
Chinese horse paintingsHorse
Chinese lion paintingsLion
Chinese monkey paintingsMonkey
Chinese panda paintingsPanda
Chinese pig paintingsPig
Chinese rabbit paintingsRabbit
Chinese sheep paintingsSheep
Chinese tiger paintingsTiger
Chinese wolf paintingsWolf
Chinese zodiac paintingsZodiac
Chinese other animal paintingsOthers

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