Chinese Animal's Paintings

When you are looking into purchasing paintings for you home or office you will want to check out Chinese Animal's Paintings.


Any type of art will help put color on the wall but when you use Chinese animals painting, you will not be just putting color on the wall, you will be putting wonderful pieces of art work …

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New Site CNArtGallery for Chinese Paintings

We reuse the domain for Sell Chinese Paintings. This time we make some useful function for people to pick your favorite Chinese paintings.

cnartgallery function

Our paintings come in many different sizes such as fifty CM by fifty CM all the way up to ninety six CM by one hundred and eighty CM. There are so many different sizes; you …

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Folk Life in Chinese Genre Paintings

Genre painting is one of important subjects of Chinese figure paintings that usually takes folks’ daily life as its content. As a distinctive form of Chinese paintings, genre painting is extraordinarily close to the life of the mind of masses as well as aesthetically needs for it grows out of folk art.

The general public had strong consumer demand …

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Eight Immortals the Chinese gods in Paintings

Each Immortal has a magic tool that can give life or destroy evils. Tieguai Li had an iron crutch and gourd, Zhang Guolao always rode the donkey back to front, Han Zhongli waved his palm-leaf fan, Lan Caihe carried his flower basket, Han Xiangzi played his flute, He Xiangu always appeared with lotus flowers, Lv Dongbin had a sword, and …

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What are Chinese Scroll Paintings

Chinese Scroll mounting is a traditional mounting form to make Chinese paintings/calligraphy as scrolls that is time-honored and has distinct national characteristic. According to the surviving historical records, the scroll mounting was invented as early as 1,500 years ago. And the process and materials selection of the scroll mounting were also recorded.

Traditional Chinese painting or calligrapy is executed on …

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Fengshui Meaning in Chinese Pomegranate Paintings

Pomegranate is regarded as the auspicious fruit in China. Because of its bright color and numerous plump seeds, it is an emblem of posterity, prosperity, solidarity, and luck in Chinese bird-and-flower paintings. In folk, when take a wife or marry a man, people often place a pomegranate which burst open, revealing the numerous seeds on the desk or other …

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Chinese Modern Paintings

Beginning with the New Culture Movement, Chinese artists started to adopt using Western techniques. It also was during this time that oil painting was introduced to China.

In the early years of the People's Republic of China, Chinese artists were encouraged to employ socialist realism. Some Soviet Union socialist realism was imported without modification, and painters were assigned subjects and …

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Tiger one of the Twelve Chinese Zodiac in Chinese Paintings

The tiger is a symbol of courage and bravery and has the power to drive away demons and evil spirits. In Chinese paintings the tiger is the king of the wild animals and is a "yang" creature with a male principle. Tiger paintings are sometimes displayed in a office building in efforts to bring the company good fortune and strength. …

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Painting of Dragon in Chinese Mythology

The dragon is the largest supernatural creature in Chinese mythology and embodies strength and symbolizes a supernatural force. It is the highest auspicious image of art in China and the leader of all living things. The dragon is capable of being hidden or visible, thin or thick, short or long and generating clouds and rain to bring benefit to all …

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Chinese Crane Paintings

The crane is the most popular bird in Chinese paintings and is a symbol of longevity and auspiciousness. In ancient China the crane was regarded as having a long life span and one Chinese legend says that a immortal rode a crane to heaven.

The crane also represents a lasting soaring spirit, health, and happiness. In ancient China crane images …

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