Chinese Shrimp Paintings

Shrimp live in both fresh water and salt water. Shrimp is one of delicious food all over the world.

Famous China painters Qi Baishi loved to draw shrimps paintings or scrolls. Shrimps is actually more difficulty to be painted than other fishes. Their appearances, features of vivid, transparent, and energetic, are beautiful but not easy to be captured in Chinese paintings. So drawing good shrimps pictures need good painting skills.

Chinese painting-Shrimp

Chinese painting-Shrimp

Chinese Shrimp Fengshui Painting: "shrimp(虾)" sounds like the word "laugh(笑)" in mandarin and the sound of laughter in Cantonese(sounds "har"), so it symbolizes happiness and joy. Sometimes its auspiciousness also represents good fortune, long life.

Lobster Painting: in China lobster is literally "dragon shrimp(龙虾)". It represents energy and spirit, and regeneration, resoluteness.

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3 Responses to Chinese Shrimp Paintings

  1. Phuah Beng Chye says:

    I would like to know more about the life and work of the famous Chinese Shrimp Artist, Zhu Fa Da (hope I have spelt the name correctly) or in Cantonese Chee Fatt Tat. I believe I have a painting by him.

    Thank you.