Chinese Painting Artist: Wan Zhigang

Wang Zhigang's Biography&Awards:

Born in 1961 in Lanzhou City, Gansu Jingning ancestral home. In 1982 graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, now professor of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, Director, Master Instructor. Chinese Artists Association, China Sculpture Society, Chinese Society of Arts and Crafts Sculpture Professional Committee members. Sculpture School Sculpture former director of Lanzhou, Lanzhou Institute of sculpture art, sculpture, Gansu Association Committee Of Art.


Wang Zhigang's Chinese painting:

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Customize Wang Zhigang's Chinese Painting:

Do you want to ask our Wang Zhigang to paint one for you according to your sepcial needs? Such as sizes, prices. Or you can send the sample pictures to us as reference. Please contact us.


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