Chinese painting artist: Zhao Qiaoxiu

Zhao Qiaoxiu's Biography&Awards:

Zhao Qiao Xiu, native of Yangshuo county of Guilin. Good at flowers&birds painting and have a preference for creating inky painting. Occasionally draw some landscape painting. She has been rapt in Chinese ink painting creation for over ten years since she finished the advanced studies in art academy. Pitching practice pays off. In recent years, her works won prizes time and again in exhibitions and caused extensive attention.

Her works mainly take the withered trees, lean stone, slope and ponding as elements to construct autumnal scenery, cold-blighted forest and so on. Those sceneries give people the feeling of "silence". This indifferent and leisurely "silence" is coincident with her usual mood. From the composition, the brushwork to the coloring, she's in a calm mood, as if a modest, disciplined gentleman.



Zhao Qiaoxiu's Chinese painting:

Chinese Peach Painting
Chinese painting

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