Chinese painting artist: Li Fengchi

Li Fengchi’s Biography&Awards:

Li Fengchi: Guilin, Guangxi, was born in 1973, graduated from the Fine Arts Departmentof Guangxi Normal University. Learning calligraphy and painting since childhood, his grandfather, the won Qinshou fine pass, and numerous in-depth mountains and rivers to learn the source of creativity, a deeper understanding and mastery of traditional ink landscape painting techniques figure painting techniques, to inherit and carry forward itsunique, he the work gives people a realistic and majestic momentum, has participated indomestic and international exhibition and award-winning game in all kinds of painting.


Li Fengchi’s Chinese painting:

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Customize Li Fengchi’s Chinese Painting:

Do you want to ask our Li Fengchi to paint one for you according to your sepcial needs? Such as sizes, prices. Or you can send the sample pictures to us as reference. Please contact us.


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