Chinese painting artist: Chang Qingyu

Chang Qingyu's Biography&Awards:

Chang Qingyu was bron in yiyang city, Hunan province, in 1988. He is the art Department member of Hunan Normal University. Is a member of the artists Association of Hunan branch of China, Hunan province Chinese painting Research Association Member. He is the painting artist in xiangxi of Hunan province, Hunan province who has achievements of landscape painting.

He is well known as painting the landscape. His works with beautiful landscapes in the South in the background, magnificent mountains and rivers in China with photo manipulation art scene, which is implications profound, artistic expression. And his work shows heavy implications far-reaching and impressive, proficient in bold, vigorous strokes and the techniques and life great



Chang Qingyu's Chinese painting:

Chinese Mountain and Water Painting
Chinese Mountain and Water Painting

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Customize Chang Qingyu's Chinese Painting:

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