Chinese painting artist: Chen Naibin

Chen Naibin’s Biography&Awards:

Chen Naibin, born in 1943, Shandong Jinan, is a painting and Calligraphy Institute Vice President, Ji'nan City Art Institute of vice director, Ji'nan Chinese Culture Promotion Association, member of Shandong Province Artists association. Chen Naibin's childhood love of art, painting on the road in search of more than fifty years, has benefited from Wang Fengnian, Pan Jiezi, Ouyang Zhongshi and other famous master of education and affirmation, workers can be written. The suit and the common people in the province, municipal works, newspapers and magazines have published a number of works by the Southeast Asian countries, collectors, enthusiasts collection. Participating in the sixteen awards, such as the provincial, city art exhibition Excellence Award, Chinese celebrities in Korea public exhibit won the two prize, welcomed by the masses and praise from all sectors of society. In recent years, the opera figure painting because of the unique theme performance, by the majority of fans, painting and calligraphy lovers, collectors and entertainment celebrity’s favor, set off a craze.


Chen Naibin’s Chinese painting:

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Customize Chen Naibin's Chinese Painting:

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