Chinese painting artist: Liu Yongchao

Liu Yongchao's Biography&Awards:

Liu Yong Chao was born in Yangshuo, Guangxi. He is a prominent figure in contemporary Chinese painting, budding artist, is well-known as "the most promising and most representative of the younger generation of painters". Graduated from the Guangxi Academy of Fine Arts. Now the Chinese Artists Association, the director of contemporary figure painting, and he is the Guangxi Artists' Association executive director. Specializes in figure painting, figure painting the majority of non-plot, as a focal point to capture the personalities psychological subtle special sewing. His work "Moonlit Night" won the second prize of the Second National Youth Art Exhibition. "Taifook expensive" was the contemporary portraits Society of the Gold Medal of the First Exhibition.


Liu Yongchao's Chinese painting:

Chinese Figure Painting
Chinese Figure Painting

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