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Chinese painting artist: Pan Liang

Pan Liang's Biography&Awards:

Pan Liang, was born in 1967 in Guilin, Guangxi province. He graduated from the Chinese Painting department of Guangxi Guilin Education Institute and had his further education in China Art Research Institute and Beijing Academy od Fine Arts.

Now he is a member of Guangxi Artists Association, Chinese Printmakers Association and Guangxi Art Committee. He also is the vice president of Western China Calligraphy and Painting Institute, the honorary vice president of Hongkong International Painting Institute.

His artworks with distinct style were based on four elementals: the traditional spitir, modern compositions, unique language and fashion colors. More than 40 different media have reported his presentations, such as "The Art Newspaper", "Art China", "Art World", "Chinese Painters", Guangxi TV, CCTV etc.

Guangxi Art Publisher had published "Panliang Landscape Paintings Collection", "Panliang Landscape Paintings Selection", "Panliang Chinese Ink Landscape Painting Research" etc. Recent years, he was recommended as "the most valuable Chinese Painters for collection in 21Century" by 25 art media and organizations such as "Collection Magazine", "World Chinese Elitists Magazine" etc.





Pan Liang's Chinese painting:

Chinese Painting
Chinese Great Wall Painting

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Customize Pan Liang's Chinese Painting:

Do you want to ask our Artist/Painters Pan Liang to paint one for you according to your sepcial needs? Such as sizes, prices. Or you can send the sample pictures to us as reference. Please contact us.


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