Chinese painting artist: Wen Quanlin

Wen Quanlin's Biography&Awards:

Wen Quan Lin, born in Du'an county of Guangxi province. He has devoted oneself to study and practice painting for decades. But he disliked joining in art competition or art exhibition.

Encouraged by his respected teacher, he began to take part in art exhibition in 1999. His work "Morning Dew" was included in the book called "Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Zhao An County--the native place of calligraphy and painting of China and 50Years Achievement Exhibition". Meanwhile, he was invited to become the member of traditional Chinese painting art research board of Shen Yao Chu.

In 2000, once again his work "Jiang Nan Chun Zao" was included in "Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Collection of Zhao An County" when he joined in the art exhibition of Zhao An arts festival.

In 2001, his work "Jiao Wai Ye Se" won second prize in national calligraphy and painting exhibition that held by Ministry of Culture of China.





Wen Quanlin's Chinese painting:

Chinese Eagle painting
Chinese Flower Painting
Chinese Bamboo Painting

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