Chinese painting artist: Zhang Lingsheng

Zhang Lingsheng's Biography&Awards:

Zhang Lingsheng was born in Shandong in 1961. His father in painting, family breed. He is enumerate ten years did not dare to wait. Specialized in painting landscapes, flowers and birds. In 1988 he admitted to the Beijing Institute of coal management department during a good painting and calligraphy research. Recent works in the national competition in the award-winning, and as several painting senior painter, honorary director of the works, the set consists of a number of national publishing house. She is both the potential strength of young painters.


Zhang Lingsheng's Chinese painting:

Chinese Mountain and water Painting
Chinese Township Painting
Chinese Buildings Painting

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Customize Zhang Lingsheng's Chinese Painting:

Do you want to ask our Artist/Painters Zhang Lingsheng to paint one for you according to your sepcial needs? Such as sizes, prices. Or you can send the sample pictures to us as reference. Please contact us.


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