Chinese painting artist: Zhao Shouzi

Zhao Shouzi's Biography&Awards:

Zhao Shouzi, was born in Guilin, Guangxi in 1973. He was graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Guangxi Normal University. Since childhood, he study how to painting from his grandfather and father. to learn numerous in-depth mountains and rivers the source of creativity, a deeper understanding and mastery of traditional landscape painting techniques and figure painting techniques, to inherit and carry forward its unique, his work gives us a realistic and majestic momentum, has participated in domestic and international art exhibitions and award-winning game in all kinds of painting. Repeatedly been published by newspapers, magazines and CCTV around the television. He is the young painter whose work is with great appreciation potential and collection book value.

赵瘦子 男,广西桂林人,1973年出生,毕业于广西师范大学艺术系。自幼跟随祖父,父亲学习书画,深得亲授精传,并多次深入名山大川汲取创作源泉,对山水画传统技法及人物画技法有较深的理解和掌握,继承和发扬了其独到之处,他的作品给人一种真实感和磅礴的气势,多次参加国内、国际画展,并在各类国画比赛获奖。多次被报纸、杂志及中央电视台、各地电视台发表、介绍,是一位作品具有很大升值潜力与收藏书价值的年轻画家。

Zhao Shouzi's Chinese painting:

Chinese Crane Painting
Chinese Bumper Painting
Chinese Damo Painting

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