Chinese Painting Artists: Jiang Yanmei

Jiang Yanmei's Biography & Awards:

Jiang Yanmei, professional painter. Inherited the lore run in the family since childhood and ardently loved painting, she is gifted and has great attainments of painting. Mainly skilled in detailed flower&bird painting. She pay her respect to masters and seek for their different knowledge. Be diligent in copying various masterpieces of ancient celebrities, she absorbed their merit points then digested also merge their verve in her painting, and gradually formed her own unique style. Her painting is Her painting is elegant, plain, enchanting, subtle and meaningful. It possess intense inspirational force and profound connotation.

蒋艳梅,女,职业画家。自幼秉承家学酷爱绘画,天资聪颖,具有很高的艺术天赋和绘画造诣。 拜诸师习艺,主攻工笔花鸟,勤于广临古代名人名作,博采众家之长,融其神韵于画中,逐渐形成了自己独特的画风,其画雅淡而不失亮丽、妩媚而不失老成、空灵而不失飘逸、古朴隽永,作品具有强烈的感召力和深邃内涵。

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