Chinese Painting Artists: Liang Jianguo

Liang Jianguo's Biography & Awards:

Liang Jianguo, was born in 1976 in Yangshuo of Guilin city, Guangxi province.

He sought to develop a painting style which is solemn, exquisite, fantastic and connbined with the creations of figures, watercolour and acrylic powder. His figure paintings have distinct personal style, not only carried on the tradition, but also painted the hermits, children and the traditional Chinese beauties with the modern people's appreciation of the beauty and highlighted the figures' inner temperaments and spirit. In such a limited area, he created such a graceful and deliberate attitude. The whole style displayed a fresh but ancient, pure and beautiful realm.

Over the years his artworks were shown on the national art exhibitions for many times and he awarded a lot. His artworks were selected into more than ten professional collections and painting albums. Many of his artworks were collected by some colleges and governmental agencies. His artworks were published on "China Art Newspaper", "Xi zhi Calligraphy and Painting Newspaper", "China Education Newspaper", and "China Art Education" etc. He was edited into many directories.

梁建国,男,1976年出生,广西桂林阳朔人。 梁建国的画风追求庄重稳雅,浑厚空灵,并兼顾国画人物、水彩、水粉创作。人物画具有鲜明的个人风格,既继承了传统,又以现代人的审美感受直接写意高士、孩童、仕女,着力于表现人物的内在气质和神韵;他在小小的尺幅间营造出那么幽雅、那么从容的一种势态,总体风格展示出清新俊逸又不失古朴浑厚,别有一种纯净清幽的境界。


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