Chinese Painting Artists: Li Jing

Li Jing's Biography:

Li Jing, came from Guilin. Now he is a member of Guangxi branch of China Artists Association, a painter of Guangxi Painting Institute, a member of Guangxi National Culture Research Institute.

He is good at landscape painting, as well as the Xieyi figure painting and Gongbi birds&flowers painting. His landscape paintings have succinct and smooth ink brushed and fantastic composition. Most of them were started with classic subjects and of skilled ink brushed. He is good at developing the new from the old. From a great deal of copies to the masters works, he created his own artistic style. He was widely praised by the social people and awarded a lot in the calligraphy and painting competitions. His artworks were very popular in the calligraphy and painting collectors.



Li Jing's Chinese painting:

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