Chinese painting artist: Zhao Guohua

Zhao Guohua's Biography & Awards:

Zhao Guohua is born in Tsitsihar of Heilongjiang province in 1948. He was keen on painting from a child. During the adolescence, he repeatedly won prizes in various art exhibitions that held by school and society.

Once he benefited from numerous celebrities and professors’ advice such as Song HuiMin, Wang LiXian and so on in his way to success. In the ocean of art, he is a insatiable admiral's mate. Oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, detailed painting, freehand painting, landscape painting, figure painting and flower&bird painting, none of them he didn’t want to master. Modestly and widely absorb strong points of various factions then digest and change into his own art nutrition.

In the autumn of 1997, his landscape paintings "Ye Shan Po", "Xiang Jiang Tu" were sent to Canada for attending the HUaxia art exhibition.

"Shenyang and the World "column of Shenyang TV successively make the special reports about the painter himself and his paintings "Sai Shang Ba Jun", "Feng Xue Jian Li Xing" and figure painting "Jin Ling Shi Er Chai" in April of 2001 and June of 2002.

In recent decade, a large number of his works were collected by artwork lovers from the United States, Britain, Japan, Korea and southeast Asia. Presently he’s the member of Shenyang Artists Association and Oriental Art Academy, professional painter of Da Qing Cheng Calligraphy and Painting Academy.




2001 年4月,2002 年6月沈阳电视台《沈阳与世界》栏目先后两次对画家本人及所画的《塞上八骏》、《风雪兼里行》、人物画《金陵十二钗》等作了专题报导。


Zhao Guohua's Chinese paintings:

Chinese horse painting
Chinese horse painting

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