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Chinese painting artist: Ge Ya

Ge Ya's Biography & Awards:

Ge Ya, the female, in 1970 was born in the Guangxi Nanning. Graduates in the Guangxi Normal university art department. Excels at the exquisite brush character, flower-and-bird, fish insect and so on. The work tints exquisitely elegant, the level is rich, the modelling is accurate and is vivid, the line is smooth, either fresh elegantly simple, either is overflowing with enthusiasm. The work participates many times and wins an award. Partial works by the US, Japan, South Korea, countries and local government and so on Singapore Hong Kong, art museum collection.


Ge Ya's Chinese paintings:

Chinese Birds&Flower Painting
Chinese Birds&Flower Painting

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Customize Ge Ya's Chinese Painting:

Do you want to ask our Artist/Painters Ge Ya to paint one for you according to your sepcial needs? Such as sizes, prices. Or you can send the sample pictures to us as reference. Please contact us.

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